10 + Fantastic Homeschool Co-ops in Maryville TN and Blount County

Being able to connect with friends and build a community of caring support is one of the many blessings of homeschooling. But oftentimes, this blessing can seem like a utopia that’s just out of reach.

Thankfully, if you are still looking for your local tribe, there are many great homeschool co-ops in Maryville TN!

These groups will give your kids the opportunity to make lifelong friends while engaging in a variety of academic and enrichment activities to further their education. Of course, these are wonderful places for moms to find besties too!

Please keep in mind that all of the co-ops below require parent participation. You must stay on-site throughout the day and volunteer in service positions as needed.

students working together to cook a meal in a class, representing homeschool co-ops in Maryville TN

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Homeschool Co-ops in Maryville TN and Blount County

1. Blount Home Education Association (BHEA)

  • Meeting Location: Maryville

This is the largest co-op in the area and has plenty of room for all families that want to join. Though it is a Christian co-op, it does not require a statement of faith and welcomes members of all religions.

Membership comes with a wide variety of perks including graduation ceremonies for seniors and kindergartners, social events, dances, field trips, and more.

They also offer a large selection of co-op classes. The majority of classes are taught by parent volunteers and include a great selection of enrichment and academic options. Classes are available for pre-k through grade 12.

2. Cornerstone Cooperative

  • Meeting Location: Maryville & Seymour

This is another one of the larger homeschool co-ops in Maryville TN and it has a lot to offer students of all ages. Throughout the year, this group holds a wide variety of social events, field trips, and mom’s night out events.

It also offers a very large selection of enrichment and academic classes for kids in pre-k through 12th grade. For younger kids, classes include fun options like art, music, poetry, and hands-on science activities.

In addition to the many enrichment classes like art and yearbook, older kids can take credit-worthy high school level courses in math, science, history, and English.

This is a conservative Christian co-op. All participants are required to sign a statement of faith prior to joining.

3. Classical Conversations

  • Meeting Locations: Maryville + Louisville

This very popular co-op has several different locations in Blount County. Based on the classical style of learning, students receive well-rounded instruction in a wide variety of topics including English, math, history, science, art, music, Latin, and much more. With this style of learning, there is a heavy emphasis placed on memorization.

Though not required, the curriculum used in this co-op is designed to also be used at home throughout the rest of the week. If you hate choosing a curriculum, this will definitely make your life much easier.

Though many of the classes are led by tutors, parents are expected to volunteer in other ways to help the day run smoothly.

In addition to classes, the co-op will also have optional field trips and social events. Programs are available for pre-k through 12th grade.

4. Maryville Secular Homeschoolers

  • Meeting Location: Maryville

This casual co-op group meets for field trips, playdates, and informal group learning experiences. The group learning typically takes place at a local park and, depending on the day may include science experiments, art projects, nature exploration, and more.

While the group does have a leader, parent participants are encouraged to help plan events to make the co-op a success.

This co-op is strictly secular and aims to make all its members feel comfortable. To accomplish this, there are no religious conversations or prayers allowed in the Facebook group nor at in-person meetings. Also, all parent-to-parent curriculum recommendations must be secular.

Students of all ages are welcome to attend.

5. Barefoot University

  • Meeting Location: Maryville

This fantastic forest school co-op is family-style. At the beginning of every meeting, each participating family will work together on a fun nature-based project, like basket weaving, making clay pots, making dirt volcanoes, etc.

After the more formal learning portion of the co-op is complete, students will have plenty of time to explore the surrounding wilderness each week. Families are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch to extend the fun.

Only children 5 and up may officially enroll in this co-op, but younger siblings are welcome to tag along.

6. Alcoa Maryville Church of God Homeschool Co-op

Meeting Location: Maryville

This smaller co-op is perfect for families who don’t want to get lost in the crowd. At each class hour, they offer a couple of different choices for kids 10+ and 1 choice for kids ages 5-9.

boys and grils in a science class respresenting Maryville TN homeschool co-ops

7. Bezalel

  • Meeting Location: Louisville

This popular Christian arts co-op draws students from neighboring areas as well as Blount County residents. Instead of focusing on academics, classes here include options like drama, filmmaking, ballet, interpretive dance, folk dance, sewing, painting, photography, drawing, creative worship, cultural studies, and much, much more.

Classes are available for pre-k-grade 12. Though the classes are typically taught by qualified teachers, all parents are required to complete volunteer hours to help the co-op run smoothly.

8. Greenback Co-op

This co-op is small but mighty. Meetings are held at a local park and all learning and enrichment experiences are done together in a multi-age group. Spots are available for pre-k through grade 12.

9. Wild and Free in East Tennessee

  • Meeting Location: Varies

This co-op hiking group is based out of Blount County and most of its members are from Blount County. The group is entirely nature-based with a focus on hiking, swimming, and nature exploration. Though the group does have a leader that schedules the events, all parents are encouraged to make suggestions.

Activities take place all throughout the East TN area, including many locations outside of Blount County. This means participants will need reliable transportation to fully participate in the co-op. All ages are welcome.

Homeschool Co-ops Near Maryville Tennessee and Blount County

Though these co-ops aren’t located right in Blount County, they are close enough that you can participate in them without having to drive too far. As we all know, sometimes it can be hard to find the right fit. Exploring options a little further out can make all the difference.

If you live on the outskirts of the county, many of the co-ops below may be just as close as the in-town options.

10. EDGE Co-op

  • Meeting Location: Seymour

Families at EDGE will enjoy many field trips and social events throughout the year. For co-op classes, there are 2 choices per age group each hour.

Available classes include options like art, music, reading, science, Bible, crafts, history, and a variety of credit-worthy courses for high school students.

This co-op offers classes for pre-k through 12th grade; however, all preschoolers must have a grade-school-age sibling that is also attending.

10. Quest Academy

  • Meeting Location: Lenoir City

This fun co-op is regionally known for having the most fantastic homeschool prom event in the area. The co-op also offers a variety of field trips, social events, and a nice variety of co-op classes for pre-k through 12th grade.

11. Raising Arrows Homeschool Fellowship

  • Meeting Location: Lenoir City

Raising Arrows offers enrichment and academic classes, field trips, and more. This co-op does require a statement of faith.

12. Knox County Options

There are over 25 amazing co-ops in Knox County to choose from, each with its own unique style and flair.

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  1. We are a small church located in Townsend and we would like to open our doors to start a co-op for home schooling in our area. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this happen? Would appreciate your assistance.

    • You can either organize the co-op and advertise it in the “East Tennessee Homeschoolers” Facebook group, or you can just offer your venue for rent in the Facebook group. I’m sure someone who lives out that way will be interested in organizing a co-op and renting your space for the host facility.

    • I know several homeschooling families in Townsend. There is a Wild and Free group here as well. We are always looking to get involved with others.


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