Adorable Printable Valentines Puzzles: Heart Patterns

These fun printable valentines puzzles teach pattern recognition, develop motor skills, and hone hand-eye coordination. Perfect for both kindergartners and preschoolers, these simple puzzles will make a fantastic addition to your Valentine’s Day celebration!

Pattern recognition is crucial early learning skill, which means they will also make great addition in your math center year-round.

Free Printable Valentine's Day Heart Puzzles

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  • printer paper
  • scissors
  • laminator (optional)


To use the puzzles, first cut out the 8 hearts. Then cut the hearts in half, following a unique line for each one. The lines can be zig-zag, wavy, straight across, or anything you can imagine.

Finally mix up the puzzle pieces, and allow your kids to match the corresponding halves. For learners new to pattern recognition and matching, you may want to start with only 3-4 hearts. As their skills develop over time, you can gradually add in more hearts. 

printable heart puzzles for Valentine's Day

If you are going to use this activity as a math center, I highly recommend printing on card stock and/or using a laminator to make the hearts more durable. Little hands can bend traditional printer paper very quickly. 

If you want to make the puzzles more challenging, you can try cutting them into 3 or 4 pieces instead of 2. Just keep in mind that the pattern also adds to the difficulty of the puzzle. 

valentines hearts

Books to Share

  • The Day it Rained Hearts, by Felicia Bond – A young girl is able to make unique valentines for her friends thanks to a quirky weather events that causes paper hearts to rain down from the sky!
  • A Crankenstein Valentine, by Dan Santat – The hearts and love of Valentine’s Day turns 1 ordinary kid into a cranky monster. Can his friends help soften his heart and turn his holiday around?
  • I Spy With My Little Eye: Valentines Day – A traditional search and find journey with a fun Valentine’s Day theme. 

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printable valentines heart puzzles

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