20 Best East Tennessee Christmas Tree Farms: Knoxville TN, Chattanooga, Johnson City, Tri-Cities, and More!

What better way to kick off the Christmas season than by taking in the views while you sip hot cocoa in the crisp mountain air. Built on the excitement of finding the perfect tree, a trip to the farm just may be the most magical Christmas tradition of all.

With a visit to one of these amazing TN Christmas tree farms, you and your family can bask in the glow of togetherness all season long. Somehow, the lights on a hand-picked tree just seem to shine a little brighter!

All of the following regions boast a variety of Christmas tree farms: Knoxville, Chattanooga, Tri-Cites, and the surrounding areas. As always, you can click any blue business link to verify the information provided or get additional details.

TN Christmas Tree Farms

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Tennessee Christmas Tree Farms: Tips For Keeping Your Tree Alive

Prior to placing your tree in the stand at home, you will need to cut an additional 1/4 inch off the bottom of the tree. Even a short car ride home is time enough for the bottom of the trunk to crust over with sap. So if you skip this step, your tree will not absorb water, which means it will die.

After setting up your tree, the most important thing to do is keep the stand filled with water. It will drink almost a gallon in its first day.

In a dry tree stand, it only takes a few hours for your tree trunk to re-crust over with sap. If this happens the tree will dry up and, you guessed it, die.

The only way to save it as this point will be to cut another 1/4 inch slice off the bottom of the trunk to reopen the absorption channels. If you’ve already decorated the tree, this will be a nightmare!

Not only does hydrating your tree keep it alive, it also helps to prevent fires. Another way to keep fires at bay is to keep your tree away from heat sources like fireplaces and heaters.

Also check all your light strands before placing them on the tree to make sure they are in perfect condition. When it comes to fire safety, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Christmas Tree Farms: Knoxville TN

TNT Christmas Trees

  • Location: 8237 Millertown Pike, Knoxville
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut White Pine and Leyland Cypress

Start your family-fun day with a FREE cup of hot chocolate or hot apple cider.

This farm also has a super cool geocaching game set up throughout the farm. If you find all 6 Christmas signs, you get $5 off your tree. There is no special equipment needed to play the game.

White Pine Acres

  • Location: 3630 Copper Ridge Road, Knoxville
  • Available Trees: cut-your-own White Pine

Roast marshmallows, drink hot chocolate, and choose a gorgeous Christmas tree. What a wonderful family tradition!

Buttermilk Farms

  • Location: 7000 Buttermilk Rd, Lenoir City
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut White Pine, Norway, Spruce,

Complete your day with a fun and FREE hayride around the farm and a free cup of piping hot chocolate. You can also purchase fresh-made wreaths and tree stands right on site.

Buttermilk Farms also prides itself on not using any insecticides or herbicides, so you can feel safe bringing the tree inside your home.

Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: 985 Brushy Valley Rd, Heiskell
  • Available Trees: cut-your-own Leyland Cypress, Virginia Pine, Norway Spruce, pre-cut Fraser Firs

After you’ve cut your tree, you can enjoy a nice cup of hot cider or hot chocolate around the fire pit. Of course your trip won’t be complete without visiting their lovely farm store, which is stocked with a variety of jams, honey, and rustic country gifts.

Camp’s Christmas Forest

  • Location: 482 Kile Rd, Sweetwater, TN
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut White Pine, Virgina Pine, Scotch Pine, Norway Spruce, Leyland Cypress, Carolina Sapphire Cyprus

Wilson Glyn Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: 950 Wilson Hollow Way, Sevierville, TN 
  • Available Trees: cut-your-own Norways Spruce, pines, and pre-cut Fraser Firs

In addition to trees, this adorable farm sells fresh-made wreaths, and rustic Christmas ornaments.

Hard Luck Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: 10065 Sparta Hwy, Crossville, Tennessee
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut Scotch Pine, White Pine, Canaan Fir, Norway Spruce

Sycamore Springs Tree Farm

  • Location: 2125 Country Club Rd, Jamestown, TN
  • Available Trees – cut-our-own White Pine, Scotch Pine, Leyland Cypress, Norway Spruce, and pre-cut Fraser Firs

In addition to the tree options above, Sycamore Springs also offers an eco-friendly ball and burlap option for those wanting to plant their tree after the holidays.

They also boast a nice country farm store with a variety of gifts and canned items. On the weekend you can also enjoy complimentary hot chocolate, spiced cider, and ginger snap cookies.

Christmas Tree Farms Knoxville TN

Christmas Tree Farms: Chattanooga TN

Mcdowell’s Big Fork Nursey

  • Location: 4955 State Highway 27, Chattanooga, TN
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut white pine, blue spruces, Norways, and hemlocks

Campbell’s Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: 7503 Walnut Hills Drive, Harrison, TN
  • Available Trees: cut-your-own Virgina Pine, White Pine, and pre-cut Fraser Firs

This farm also offers yummy hot chocolate, gorgeous fresh-made wreaths, country gifts, and more!

Little Mountain Tree Farm

  • Location: 3186 Griffith Road, Pikeville, TN
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut white pine

Raulston Acres Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: 2572 GA-95, Rock Springs, GA
  • Available Trees: cut-your-own Virginia Pine, Murray Cypress, Blue Ice Cypress, and pre-cut Frasier Furs

In addition to cut-your-own Christmas trees, this location boasts a country store with adorable rustic holiday gifts and fresh-made Christmas wreaths. They also offer refreshments, like delicious apple cider.

Wheeler’s Tree Farm

  • Location: 1144 Dogwood Valley Road, Tunnel Hill, GA
  • Available Trees: cut-your-own Murray Cypress, and pre-cut Fraser Fir

Enjoy delicious hot chocolate, hot cider, or coffee as you meander through the gorgeous rows of trees waiting to be picked. You can also visit the farm’s gift shop which sells fresh-made holiday wreaths and a variety of hand-made country gifts.

Santa Land Christmas Tree Farm

  • Location: 2574 Concord Road, LaFayette, GA
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut Leyland Cypress, (Fraser Fir not available for 2019)

In addition to the trees, this farms also boasts a gorgeous variety of Christmas ornaments and rustic gifts for sale. They also sell delicious fresh-baked treats.

Christmas Carroll Tree Farms

  • Location: 7206 Highway 95, LaFayette, GA

This farm may have closed down. We are awaiting an update.

Thornhill Farms Christmas Trees

  • Location: 15107 AL-71, Pisgah, AL
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut Leyland Cyprus, White Pine, Carolina Sapphire, pre-cut Fraser Fir

In addition to cut trees, this farm also offers a living tree option. With a living tree, the trees goes home with a root ball wrapped in a burlap sack, which allows you to plant it after the holidays. You can also purchase gorgeous fresh-made wreaths, county gifts, and more!

Kids will enjoy the Christmas train ride, petting zoo, and meeting Santa!

Christmas Tree Farms: Johnson City TN, Kingsport, Bristol, and Tri-Cities

Roan Valley Tree Farm

  • Location: 440 Okolona Rd, Johnson City, TN
  • Available Trees: cut-your-own Fraser Fir

This popular tree farm once supplied Christmas trees for the White House. They also sell gorgeous fresh-made wreaths and a variety of cute gift items.

Stone Mountain Farm

  • Location: 301 Sherry Reece Ln, Trade, TN
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut Fraser Firs

Enjoy hot apple cider and a scenic hay ride on your way to choosing an awesome Christmas tree. With thousands of trees, it won’t be hard to find the perfect one for you! The farm also sells fresh-made garland and wreaths.

Wintergreen Farm

  • Location: 223 Waddell Rd, Mountain City, TN
  • Available Tree: cut-your-own Fraser Firs

In addition to choose-and-cut trees, this farms offers fresh-made wreaths and hot chocolate. During the spring and summer, they also offer a wide variety of produce, flowers, and shrubs.

C and G Nursery

  • Location: 204 White Pine Rd., Newland, NC
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut Fraser Fir

This family farm has been growing since the 80’s. In addition to cut-your-own Christmas trees, they sell a wide variety of home-grown native plants throughout the year.

Cornett Deal Christmas Tree farm

  • Location: 142 Tannenbaum Ln, Vilas, NC
  • Available Trees: cut-your-own Fraser Firs, Canaan Firs

This gorgeous tree farm boasts hayrides, fresh-made wreaths, and a large gift shop with artisan Christmas crafts.

Books to Share:

Complete your Christmas tradition by sharing one of these amazing books with your kids. Not only is reading aloud a great way to bond with your child, it also helps boost their grades in all academic areas.

  • Pick a Pine Tree – Discover the magic of Christmas, starting with picking out and taking home a tree.
  • A Wish to be a Christmas Tree – This is the touching story of an overgrown pine tree that wants nothing more than to be taken home for Christmas. Just when he thinks he’s missed his chance, his forest friends band together to make his biggest wish come true!
  • Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree – When Mr. Willowby has to cut the top of his tree off to fit it in his house, the beautiful tree top manages to spread Christmas cheer in the loveliest ways.

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