Color Matching Dice Games for Kids

This interactive and exciting learning game teaches color recognition and color word recognition. It’s also part of our printable dice games for kids series. This game will keep kids engaged with rolling and matching to learn the names of colors. When they are ready, the kids can advance to matching the colors to color words.

Color Matching Printable Dice Games for Kids, Mom Explores The Smokies

Color Matching Dice Games for Kids

Materials Needed:

  • free printable (download at bottom of page)
  • printer (the one I use)
  • card stock
  • scissors
  • clear tape

How to Assemble Dice

Being careful not to cut the fold line, Cut out the dice around the perimeter. Next, fold all the tabs and each side of the dice inward along the fold lines. Finally, tape the tabs in place to secure the shape of the dice. Most of the tape can be placed on the inside, but the final piece of tape will have to be placed on the outside.

Color Matching Printable Dice Games for Kids, Mom Explores The Smokies

Skills Addressed:

Kids will develop color and color word identification skills by matching color to color, or color to word card. The movement of shaking and tossing the die will also address gross motor skills. Finally, through manipulating the matching cards, fine motor skills are also addressed.

Ways to Play:

Color Matching Printable Dice Games for Kids, Mom Explores The Smokies

Color Matching – Have your child roll the colored die to find a color to match. Then match color to color, by placing the color card next to the die. Or if your child prefers, as my son did, you can put the color-matching card directly on top of the die. It is a perfect fit.

Color Matching Printable Dice Games for Kids, Mom Explores The Smokies

Color Word Identification – You can work on word identification skills by having your child match the word card to the dice after it’s rolled. If your child is ready, have your child point to the letters on the word cards, while spelling the word for added practice.

How to Adapt:

Tight muscle tone – A large plastic measuring cup is the perfect adaptation for kids with overly tight muscle tone. They can hold on to the handle and dump the die out from the cup to roll it. Alternatively, you can try using a sand shovel to scoop and roll the die.

Crossing Midline – It is very likely that the student will have to cross the midline to retrieve the dice after it has been rolled. But if you want to ensure the midline is crossed, place the matching color and word cards on the side of the table opposite the kid’s dominant hand.

Sensory Approach – You can adapt the color cube with matching puffy paint colors, or matching pieces of felt that have been cut to shape. You can also glue on colored glitter or sand.

Kinesthetic Approach – You can create a large-scale interactive activity that requires more movement, by creating a large die out of a cube-shaped box. You can use the printable color and word cards to pair with the large die. The die can be rolled on the floor across longer distances to incorporate more movement.

Additional Resources

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Colors, Numbers, and Shapes Book, by Roger Priddy

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