Gingerbread Man Color Printables

These FREE printable gingerbread learning activities help to build color recognition and sight word skills. Younger kids can enjoy color matching, while verbally practicing color words. Older kids can can learn and practice their color sight words.

Gingerbread Man Color Matching Game for Toddlers with red and blue belly buttons

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These fun hands-on learning games are perfect for practicing color matching and color sight words, this holiday season. They would be the perfect activity to accompany the book,  “Gingerbread Baby,” by Jan Brett. In this twist on the traditional tale, this feisty baby doesn’t go down easy (or, at all). Or, you can always stick to the classic “The Gingerbread Man,” by Karen Schmidt.

Gingerbread Man Color Matching & Sight Word Printables


  • Gingerbread printable (at bottom of page)
  • printer paper
  • scissors

Color Matching:

To use the color matching printable, cut the printed sheet in half to create 8 colored gingerbread man cards. Also, cut out the colored circles, for matching. If your child is just beginning to learn this skill, it’s best to only give them a few colors at a time. As they progress you can increase the difficulty by giving them more cards at once. Also, using the extra colored circles ensures the child always has a choice of colors, even on the last card.

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Color Sight Words:

To use the sight word printable, cut the printed sheet in half to create 8 colored gingerbread man cards. Also, cut out the colored circles for matching. Shuffle the cards and mix the colored circles up on the table. Have your child draw 1 card at a time, read the sight word on the top of the card, and finally place the corresponding colored circles onto the gingerbread man’s belly.

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