5 Enchanting Smoky Mountian Christmas Tree Farms For A Magical Holiday

Take your holiday to the next level by visiting one of our local Smoky Mountain Christmas tree farms this season. In addition to choosing and cutting your own gorgeous tree, you can sip hot chocolate and peruse the farm stores filled with tasty treats and Christmas crafts. Of course, the whole experience comes with a stunning backdrop of sweeping mountain views.

Depending on the farm, you will find a variety of species, including White Pine, Spruce, and Fraser Fir. There’s no better place to start a tradition this year.

Smoky Mountain Christmas Tree Farms

Smoky Mountain Christmas Tree Farms

Christmas is one of the most magical and extravagant holidays throughout the Smoky Mountains. With this in mind, it may shock you to know there is only one farm in operation on the Tennessee side of the Smokies. Thankfully, but there are several on the North Carolina Side.

There is also an adorable farm in Knoxville, which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Gatlinburg.

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1. Wilson Glyn Christmas Tree Farm

  • 950 Wilson Hollow Way, Sevierville, TN
    • Distance from Gatlinburg: 16 minutes
    • Distance from Pigeon Forge: 14 minutes
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut Norways Spruces, pines, and pre-cut Fraser Firs

After cutting your own tree at Wilson Glyn Christmas tree Farm, you can check out their fresh wreaths, garland, and rustic Christmas ornaments.

2. JKL Christmas Tree Farm

  • 4019 Wayne Dr, Knoxville, TN 37914
    • Distance from Gatlinburg: 54 minutes
    • Distance from Pigeon Forge: 42 minutes
  • Available Trees: cut-your-own White Pines and pre-cut Fraser Firs

Though not near the mountains, this family-owned tree farm is located just outside of downtown Knoxville. Extend the fun by exploring the city before visiting the farm.

3. Boyd Mountain Christmas Tree Farm

  • 445 Boyd Farm Road, Waynesville, NC
    • Distance from Gatlinburg: 1 hour, 13 minutes
    • Distance from Pigeon Forge: 1 hour, 21 minutes
  • Available Trees: choose-and-cut Fraser Firs

At Boyd Mountain, you can even stay on-site at their rental cabins which boast sweeping mountain views, peace, and relaxation.

Pigeon Forge Christmas Tree Farm

4. Smoky Mountain Tree Farm

  • 756 Hemphill Road, Waynesville, NC
    • Distance from Gatlinburg: 1 hour, 12 minutes
    • Distance from Pigeon Forge: 1 hour, 21 minutes
  • Available trees: cut-your-own Fraser Firs

In addition to gorgeous trees, Smoky Mountain Tree Farm also offers fresh-made wreaths and garlands. There is also a stunning rental cabin nestled into the scenic backdrop of the mountains and Christmas tree forest. Amazing!

5. Mehaffey Tree Farm

  • 24 Corner Drive, Waynesville, NC
    • Distance from Gatlinburg: 1 hour, 13 minutes
    • Distance from Pigeon Forge: 1 hour, 22 minutes
  • Available trees: choose-and-cut Fraser Firs

Mahaffey Tree Farm will be opening for the 2021 season. Prices start around $10 per foot but increase with the size of the tree.

How to Keep your Tree Alive

If you’ve never had a live Christmas tree, you may not know that they are easy to care for AND easy to kill. Following the steps below will ensure that your tree stays alive and healthy all season long.

On your drive home, tree sap will start crusting over the bottom of the tree, making it impossible for the tree to absorb water.

Before putting your tree into its stand, simply use a hand saw to cut an additional 1/4 inch off the bottom of the tree. This will remove the crusted sap and ensure your tree is ready to thrive indoors.

Of course, if your tree dries out in the stand, the sap will build up again. Christmas trees can drink up to 1 gallon of water in 24 hours. To keep your tree happy and crust-free, simply add fresh water to your tree stand every day. It’s as easy as that.

Do you have a favorite Smoky Mountain Christmas Tree Farm that you don’t see on this list? Comment below to tell us about it!

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