Hidden Marble Painting

This fun process art marble painting project, slyly unveils a hidden surprise that is sure to delight and enchant even the pickiest of kids.

Hidden Marble Painting Process Art with lines of red, blue and green sand.

Hidden Marble Painting Process Art


  • squeeze bottle school glue
  • small bowl or paper cup
  • small spoon
  • marbles
  • white craft paper
  • craft sand, in multiple colors
  • art tray, with tall sides


Begin by placing the white craft paper on the center of the art tray and setting it aside. Then, pour some school glue into the small bowl/cup and drop in 3-5 marbles. More is better with the project, becasue there is a limited amount of time before the glue dries.

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blank paper on plastic purple art tray

Next, use the spoon to drop the marbles onto the craft paper. Then, gently tilt the tray in different directions to roll the marbles across the paper. The marbles will leave invisible glue trails behind.

To ensure that the marble pattern is truly invisible, be sure to use white glue with bright white paper. The colors will be so similar that it will be difficult to see the glue trails that the marble is leaving behind.

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2 marbles dipped in white glue

On a side note, if your kids add more glue to the painting after adding the sand, the marbles will get sandy. But, for creative kids, it’s all part of the process.

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white paper with lines of white glue from rolling marbles

To add the sand, just have the kids hold some sand in their palms sprinkle it over the papers. Here they can use as many colors as they want and create any pattern or abstract design they want. Keep adding the sand until the entire paper is covered.

glue covered paper completely covered with a layer of colored craft sand on top

Finally, gently pick the paper up by the corner and shake off the excess sand. It is in this glorious moment that the hidden marble art will finally be revealed! Happy crafting!

lines of multi colored sand overtop marbled glue lines on white paper

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completed sand and marble painting
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  1. Awesome idea !

    May I suggest treating the sand like glitter and doing each line separately and tip remaining
    glitter / sand onto some paper to deposit back into its original container to save it ?


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