Paint Transfer Process Art

This paint transfer process art project is simple, inexpensive, gorgeous and perfect for kids of all ages! When it comes to art, a sweet and simple painting activity, using natural materials,  almost always outweighs fancy and flashy. This is no exception!

colorful splotched paint on white paper overtop of gray rocks

One of the best parts of this activity is allowing your kids to get down and dirty with Mother Nature.The process of collecting stones outside provides valuable sensory input that kids just can’t get from video games and other indoor activities. The warmth of the sun, the grittiness of the dirt, it is all beneficial. Providing a variety of sensory input for youngsters, helps their tiny bodies learn how to function in our very big world.

Paint Transfer Process Art


  • gathered stones, marbles, or a combination of both
  • paintbrushes
  • light colored construction paper
  • washable paint in a variety of colors
  • art tray


Have the kids arrange the stones/marbles on the art tray,  in any pattern they wish.

gray rocks laying on a purple art tray

Then, have them paint the stones/marbles with any design they choose. The pattern that is painted is not that important, because it will wind up looking abstract in the end.

gray rocks coveed with pink, purple, and teal paint

After painting the stones/marbles, have them place the paper down on top and gently press/rub the back of the paper to help the paint transfer. It is best to press lightly and on small sections at a time to avoid ripping the paper, although a few small holes will likely go unnoticed.  Construction paper is best for this project because it is more absorbent than printer paper.

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Finished paint tranfer process art with splotches of paint in teal, purple, and pink

When finished, have the kids gently lift the paper off of the stones being careful not to smudge their masterpieces. But, if there is an oops, just consider it part of the process! At this point,  the kids can call the painting complete. Or, they can press the same paper down in another position to add more color. We were able to use the same paint 3-4 times. Happy learning!

complete rock rubbing transfer painting cropped to square

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