5 + Fantastic Farms For Blueberry Picking in Tri-Cities TN

Make your summer extra special with a fun trip to one of these hot spots for blueberry picking in Tri-Cities TN.

From juicy fresh berries to all the blueberry baked goods you can imagine, it all tastes better straight from the farm.

Below you’ll find u-pick blueberry farms near Johnson City TN, Kingsport, Bristol, and beyond.

young girl picking blueferry at a farm representing blueberry picking near tri-cities tn.

Blueberry Picking in Tri-Cities TN

Blueberry Hill Farm

245 Summit Dr, Jonesborough
(575) 405-4524

Bring your own bucket to Blueberry Hill Farm and pick jumbo berries with a scenic view.

Buffalo Trail Orchard

910 Ottway Rd, Greeneville, TN
(423) 639-2297

In addition to scrumptious u-pick blueberries, Buffalo Trail Orchard offers a variety of other pick-your-own crops throughout the summer and fall. Crops include apples, blackberries, raspberries, peaches, and pumpkins.

Gibson Berry Farm

375 Kelley Gap Rd, Greeneville, TN
(423) 620-9032

This blueberry farm is one of the few that is certified organic. In addition to blueberries, the farm offers flowers, herbs, elderberries, and prepared elderberry syrup.

mother and daughter picking blueberries at a farm.

Henley Mountain Farm

879 Matney Flats Road, Wytheville, VA
(276) 782-5184

Henley Mountain Farm specializes in blueberries.

Red Dog Ridge Farms

1267 Burem Road, Rogersville, TN
(423) 742-6399

In addition to u-pick blueberries, this chemical and pesticide-free farm has u-pick apples, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, and raspberries throughout the growing season.

Call ahead for availability.

The farm doesn’t keep its website up to date, but it has the same owners as the Red Dog on Main restaurant in downtown Rogersville. If you can’t get ahold of anyone at the farm number, call the restaurant instead.

Morley Farm and Orchard

611 Sluder Road, Shady Valley, TN
(423) 739-3647

Morley farm is an area favorite! They provide picnic tables so you can pack a lunch and make a day of it! Call for availability because they don’t keep their Facebook page up to date.

Blueberry Picking Tips

  1. Call ahead before visiting the farm to make sure they have ripe berries. Even mid-season availability can vary based on how many berries have already been picked.
  2. The blueberry season typically runs from mid-June through early August. to stay cool during your adventure, visit the farm early in the morning when it first opens.
  3. Ripe blueberries can sometimes be mixed in with lots of unripe berries. Be prepared to do a little searching for the best ones.
  4. If you have a spare basket or bag, be sure to bring it. Some farms charge extra if you have to take their baskets home.

Did we miss your favorite farm for blueberry picking in Tri-Cities TN? Please send us the details and we’ll add it to the list.

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