Fantastic Color Mixing Fall Leaves

This fun fall leaf process art project brings the vibrant colors of autumn to life with nothing but paint and card stock. This activity teaches kids about coloring mixing and helps to build fine motor skills.

Fall Leaf Color Mixing Art Project, Craft, Mom Explores The Smokies

Fall Leaf Color Mixing Process Art

Materials: (affiliate link below)

  • cardstock
  • scissors
  • red paint
  • yellow paint
  • green paint
  • craft tray


Cut the card stock into a leaf shape. Depending on how much time you have your kids can do this, or you can do it ahead of time. If you don’t feel confident enough to draw your own leaf, you can use this template that I used. I just printed it out and traced it onto my paper. It doesn’t look exactly the same, because I did make it slightly larger. To do this, I simply traced an inch or so out from the perimeter of the leaf.

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Fall Leaf Color Mixing, Mom Explores The Smokies

After the leaves are cut, fold the leaf in half to create 2 sides. Then, have the kids place 1 dollop of paint on each side of the leaf. Each dollop should be a different color. When presenting color choices, keep in mind the following:

  • red and green paint will give you brown
  • red and yellow paint will give you orange
  • yellow and green paint will give you varying shades of yellow and green

After the paint has been applied, fold the leaf in half again. Then, holding the leaf in both hands, gently squeeze the paint around until the entire leaf is covered with paint. This is the messy and fun part! It’s also the part that helps to build and strengthen fine motor skills, through the squeezing motion.

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Fall Leaf Color Mixing, Mom Explores The Smokies

The kids will likely have to open the card stock, then refold and continue squeezing to make sure the entire leaf is painted. Very young kids may not have the motor skills or persistence to get the entire leaf covered and that is okay. Art is not perfect and it was never meant to be. Happy learning!

Fall Leaf Color Mixing, Mom Explores The Smokies

Important Note: You must use card stock and not regular paper for this project. Regular paper will rip.

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Fall Leaf Color Mixing, Mom Explores The Smokies

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Fall Leaf Color Mixing, Mom Explores The Smokies

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