10 Rain Activities For Any Season

These 10 fun rain activities will keep your kids captivated for hours with an enticing variety of learning, in the form of art, science, sensory, and play activities.

collage of various Fun Rain Activities for Kids

Who doesn’t love rain? Okay, a lot of people. But, whether you’re dancing in it, drinking it via your kitchen tap, or using it to water your garden, rain is essential to everyday life.

For kids, rain can create so many fond childhood memories. I always reminisce about how much fun it was to break the rules and stay in the pool after the start of a rainstorm. My friends and I felt like true daredevils until of course that first flash of lightning sent us bolting for the hills. These 10 awesome rain activities bring the wonder of rain to life, both indoors and out.

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Rain Activities For Any Season

5 indoor and outdoor rain activities for kids

1 – Cloud Themed Sensory Bin, by Learning 4 Kids – This multi-purpose activity also incorporates letter recognition for “c” and “r” with a free printable.

2 – How To Make A Weather Station, by Nurture Store – This resource includes ideas for measuring rainfall, data collection, and weather tracking. It also comes with free printables. Awesome!

3 – Raindrop Sun Catchers, by Pre-K pages – The beautiful craft is so simple to put together that you probably already have everything that you need.

4 – Rainy Day Pre-K/K Pack, by This Reading Mama – This is a huge pack of printable learning activities. It covers several different topics including math and literacy concepts.

5 – Rain Painting, by Housing A Forest – This cute outdoor rain craft helps keep kids in tune with nature.

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collage of 5 indoor rain activities for kids

6 – Rain Cloud Science Weather Activity, by Little Bins For Little Hands – This cool science project allows kids to create a rain cloud indoors.

7 – Cotton Ball Clouds Activity, by I Heart Crafty Things – This is a great literacy activity with an extension that introduces kids to different types of cloud formations.

8 – Rainy Day Science, by Teach Beside Me – This wonderful project uses rain to teach kids the power of filtering rainwater. This would be great for any time of year, but especially Earth Day.

9 – The Rain Came Down (Wash and Learn), by Learn Play Imagine – This is a set of rain-based activities for bath time play.

10 – Rain Sticks, by Happy Hooligans – This cute sensory craft allows kids to bring the sounds of falling rain indoors.

Happy Learning, y’all!

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