10 Forest Animal Learning Activities

These 10 preschool learning activities will provide excellent opportunities for enrichment after a camping trip, hiking adventure or nature walk.  You can also use the activities to introduce the concept of forest animals prior to your awesome woodland escapade.

Forest Animal Learning Activities for Kids

As a teacher, I was always searching for warm-up or extension activities that would help my students fully internalize an educational topic. Even as parents, we should be conscience of the how we can meaningfully add educational value our children’s everyday experiences. Adding value does not mean drilling facts. For young learners, it means authentically increasing learning though fun games and natural conversation, just like in the activities below.

Forest Animal matching activities for Kids

(in order from left to right, top to bottom)

Forest Animal Letter Sounds Activity, by Stir The Wonder – This activity is easy to assemble and teaches letter sounds through sorting.

Forest Animal CVC Words Printable, by No Stress Homeschooling – This forest themed activity, kids create CVC words using a model as a guide.

Concepts Of Print Printable Pack, by The Measured Mom – This awesome pack helps kids to recognize basic reading rules, such as reading left to right.

Forest Animal I Spy, by Mom Explores The Smokies – This great game helps learners to practice both counting and early literacy skills.

more Forest Animal Activities for Kids

(in order from left to right, top to bottom)

Forest Animals Beginning Sounds Activity, by Fun Learning For Kids – This great activity uses both a printable and hands-on manipulatives.

Forest Animal Memory Game, by Brain Power Family – A sweet and simple flip and match forest animal printable.

Printable Woodland Pack, by 3 Dinosaurs – This awesome printable pack is over 30 pages and includes early math and reading concepts.

3 Forest Animal Matching Activities, by Life Over C’s – This includes 3 awesomely adorable and interactive forest animal matching games.

forest animals writing Activities

(in order from left to right)

Forest Animal Rhyming Treasure Hunt, by Growing Book By Book – This interactive activity sends kids on an outdoor scavenger hunt to locate various animals using clever rhymes.

Roll A Story Woodland Animals, by The Educator’s Spin On It – This awesome printable allows kids to roll one or more animals and then create a story by writing or drawing.

Happy learning!

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