6 Genius Ways to Use Excess Halloween Candy

While kids nationwide are eagerly anticipating the masked candy heist of Halloween night, parents are already brainstorming ways to curb the insatiable candy cravings that follow. Although rationing is a tried and true favorite, you may be looking for another way. This year, when the glitz of trick-or-treating wears off, arm yourself with these 6 genius ways to use excess Halloween Candy.

Things to Do with Halloween Candy represented by girl dressed as a witch holding a candy budket

6 Genius Ways to Use Excess Halloween Candy

Create an Easter Stash

According to Still Tasty, your ultimate shelf life guide, all candy is will stay in peak flavor conditions for at least 6 months. That means your bountiful October stash will be just as delicious well into April. Some types of candy will last even longer. What better way to beef up your Easter baskets than with leftover goodies?

If you don’t celebrate Easter, you can always use the stored candy as a periodic surprise treat throughout the coming months.

Make a Switch Witch Exchange

If your kids’ extra candy is left out overnight, this delightfully friendly (and controversial!) witch will the collect the bounty and leave a small but exciting toy, book, or game in its place. Some parents absolutely adore the concept of the Switch Witch, while others are put off by the materialistic exchange. If you’re less than keen on the swap concept, this next idea might be for you.

Donate the Candy

This is best when you have full, unopened bags of candy.

Operation GratitudeOperation Stars and Stripes, and Operation Shoebox, are all organizations that will add your leftover candy to care packages sent to our troops overseas. While candy may not seem like an Earth-shattering donation item, it does provide our servicemen and women with a little taste of home when they need it most.

Ronald McDonald House Charities
The Ronald McDonald House provides temporary housing for families receiving critical medical care far from home. Many of these locations are happy to share candy donations with visiting families. Before donating, be sure to call your local Ronald McDonald House for specific rules and regulations.

Local soup kitchens and homeless shelters may also be welcoming of candy donations. Again, before donating, be sure to call for specific rules and regulations.

Sell the Candy to a Local Dentist

Yes, you read that right! A dentist near you is willing to pay your kid (a couple of bucks) for leftover candy! The candy is then donated to US troops through Operation Gratitude.  Visit the Halloween Candy Buy Back website to find a participating dentist.

Become a Mad Scientist

Skip the cavities and opt for a little hands-on learning instead. These 23 Candy Science Experiments are the perfect way to use up your Halloween odds and ends.

Make It Something New

Transform all your extra candy into a delicious party treat you can take to the next potluck. This list of 55 Recipes Using Halloween Candy is full of sweet crowd pleasers!

Happy trick-or-treating ya’ll!

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