Scenic Fall Drive on Little River Rd.

Fall is my absolute favorite season, hands-down. Last year, I was swept up in life and never found the time for a scenic mountain drive. This year, I truly longed for the colorful views of the canopy and the scent of crisp mountain air, so I was determined to make it happen!

layered mountain tops covered in a vibrant  mix of red, yellow, orange, and green colors,

Based on the advice of the Nation Park Service website, which recommends the most colorful locations week to week, we set off for Little River Rd. and it did not disappoint.

On the way, we made a quick pit stop at the Apple Valley Country Store autumn display. It was huge, so we couldn’t resist the picture opportunity. As you can see, Avery was equally excited for the photoshoot!

mother and son posing in front of a fall display of pumpkins and scarecrows

Once we were on Little River Rd., there was plenty of color and plenty of pull-offs to allow for more leisurely sightseeing and picture taking.

mountain road surrounded by a tapestry of vibrant fall trees

It gave me the opportunity to play around with my camera and filters, that I really have no idea how to use.

gorgeous mountains with bright fall colors set against a orange hued sky

This was my favorite pull-off location. The weathered fence and the sweeping mountain view left nothing to be desired.

a rustic, worn fence along the colorful edge of a fall forest

Where is your favorite spot to view fall foliage?

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