Letters and Number Water Ball Toss

This sweet and simple sponge toss learning activity can be customized to your child’s level for teaching letters, numbers, sight words and much more. This wet and wild activity is filled with engaging gross motor movements, and is perfect for getting the kids outdoors on those warm spring and summer days.

Water Ball Toss Game made with colorful chalk shapes and words

Water Ball Toss With Letters, Shapes, Numbers & Words


  • sidewalk chalk
  • water ball or large sponge
  • mop bucket
  • water


Begin by writing the letters, numbers, shapes, or sight words on your sidewalk or driveway. You could also do a mix of each. It is not necessary to use every single letter, number, shape, or sight word your child has ever been exposed to. I would pick and choose between 10-15. Next time the kids play, you can always choose others.

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a variety of pink chalk words written on a black top

Next, fill a bucket with water and place a water ball or large sponge inside. Prior to throwing the water ball, make sure it is good and soaked. It can even be dripping. That only adds to the fun!

When playing the game, it can be done either of two ways. You can say a letter, number, shape,  or word and then have your child try to hit the word with the water ball. Or, you can just have them throw the water ball and then read the letter, number, shape or word that the sponge lands on.

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a variety of blue chalk shaped written on a black top

This activity can even be adapted to practice more advanced skills such as grammar. For example, you can use chalk to write out a variety of nouns and verbs. Then, when the sponge lands on a particular word, your child will tell you whether the word is a noun or a verb.

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Practicing a variety of math operations is also a fun variation. This can include simple topics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

For this type of game, you would write various numbers on the ground and then call out math problems, such as “2+2.” Then, your child will attempt to throw the sponge onto the correct answer, 4. This is a great hands-on twist to practicing mental math.

Happy learning!

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