15+ Green Smoothie Recipes Your Kids Will Love

These green smoothies are both healthy and delicious. With these smoothies, your kids won’t even realize they are eating their vegetables!

Green Smoothies for Kids

These homemade healthy smoothies use wholesome ingredients you can feel good about giving your kids for breakfast or snack. These recipes incorporate leafy greens, like spinach and kale, but you can’t even taste it. When it comes to getting kids to eat healthy, veggies in disguise can be a parents’ best friend.

While these recipes are perfect any time of year, they are especially perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and Earth Day, the greenest of all the holidays! Happy blending, y’all!

Green Smoothies Your Kids Will Love: collage of 5 smoothies in clear glasses

Orange Creamsicle Green Smoothie, from Mama Papa Buba – This smoothie recipe will help you create the healthiest creamsicle your kids have ever had.

Green Smoothie with Peanut Butter and Banana, from Damn Delicious – The title of this smoothie recipe really says it all. (not pictured)

Passion Fruit Green Smoothie, from Family Food & Travel – Passion fruit, strawberries and kale are the stars of this smoothie recipe.

Blueberry Peach Green Smoothie, from Real Life at Home – This smoothie recipe uses a simple but amazing combination of fruits to really ramp up the flavor.

Epic Green Smoothie Recipe, from Happily Ever Mom – Coconut milk and tropical fruit pack a big punch in this smoothie recipe.

Banana & Pear Green Smoothie, from See Vanessa Craft –  This green smoothie recipe uses celery to ramp up the health factor.

Green Smoothies Your Kids Will Love collage of 5 more smoothies

Mean Green Machine, from Happiness is Homemade – Pineapple and apple make a great pair in this simple and delicious recipe.

Lucky Leprechaun Green Smoothie for Kids, by B-Inspired Mama – If your kids love peaches, this is the smoothie recipe for you!

Granny Smith Tropical Green Smoothie, from Real Life at Home – Try this smoothie recipe, if your kids enjoy the tart flavor of green apple.

Delicious Green Smoothie Recipe, from Small + Friendly – This smoothie recipe has the unique additions of yogurt and pears.

Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe, from Crafty Morning – This smoothie recipe uses a trifecta of cucumbers, lime, and honey. Amazing!

collage of 5 additional smoothies

Green Kiwi Smoothie, from Kids Activities Blog – The addition of kiwi to this smoothie recipe makes for a speckled visual delight.

Delicious Hawaiian Green Smoothie, from Paging Fun Mums – The stars of this smoothie recipe are coconut, mango, and kiwi.

Quick & Delicious Green Smoothie Recipe, from Ben & me – This smoothie recipe uses banana, mango and pineapples, yum!

Green Velvet Smoothie Recipe, from Frugal Mom eh! – This smoothie recipe uses coconut and avocado as delicious mix-ins.

Swamp Monster Healthy Green Smoothie, from Eats Amazing – This smoothie recipe has a delightful combination of apple, banana, and cucumber.

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